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Professional Visa and Immigration services

Most countries across the world look for the right kind of skilled professionals to fit in their job requirements. Such job vacancies to which they cannot find the right professional locally, the governments invite qualified individuals from other countries who are looking to migrate for a better prospects. Mexly Visas Immigration can help and guide to reach your destiny.


Visa is an official document that allows us to you legally entered in a foreign country. Visa documents are authorized by government...

Career Counselling

Career counseling is a process that will help you to know about yourself and the world of work to make your career and life decisions.

IELTS Assistance

Mostly all the countries have the point-based immigration system, and there are higher points based on the proficiency in the given language.

Documentation Assistance

Proper documentation is required for successful immigration. If you submit incorrect or incomplete application..

Final PR Filing

Canada PR visa is a popular choice for those looking to migrate to Canada. And why not? The immigrant-friendly policies of Canada...

Job Assistance

The world is full of opportunities but finding the right one at the right time takes skill. Mexly Visas Job Search Services follow a thorough process...

Spouse Visa

When you are planning to bring your spouse to Canada, Mexly Visas can help you with the spouse sponsorship program...

Study Visa

We take care of the rest 70% through our comprehensive & customized settlement & placement services to help you settle in the country...